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365 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

In October 1880, a group of greenback-socialists took out a one-year lease on the fourth floor of a building at 365 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. There they established the Spread the Light Hall and held the first meeting of the … Continue reading

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Terence V. Powderly

Terence Powderly was born in 1849 in Pennsylvania, the son of Irish immigrants. A machinist until his late 20s, he became a union activist in the early 1870s and joined the secretive fraternal brotherhood of the Knights of Labor in … Continue reading

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Robert Blissert

Robert Blissert, a Irish-born tailor and trade unionist, emigrated from England in the late 1860s having been blacklisted in Britain for his union activities. He was a prominent activist and orator in New York through the 1870s and 1880s in … Continue reading

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Matthew Maguire

Matthew Maguire – a machinist from Paterson, New Jersey – was usually secretary of the organizations he joined and rarely appeared on the front line of the agitation he supported. If he stood on the platform, he was likely to … Continue reading

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Knights of Labor Local Assembly 1562 (LA 1562)

In Brooklyn in mid-1880 a local assembly of the Knights of Labor, LA 1562, was established which would later become a notorious component of the story of the rise and fall of the organization. It was a ‘mixed’ branch not … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Within a few months of its establishment in early 1882, the Central Labor Union of New York and Vicinity (CLU), having acquired 50 federated organizations and 50,000 affiliated members, felt confident to take the step that would put it, and … Continue reading

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The Brooklyn Spread the Light Club

The Brooklyn Spread the Light Club was set up as an organization devoted to the discussion of economic questions, open to anyone ‘above the age of 16 engaged in useful or honorable employment’. One of its objects was ‘to aid … Continue reading

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