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Parade Banners

During the parade through Manhattan on September 5th 1882, many banners were carried reflecting the range of interests of the participants. Some were unifying generic slogans reflecting the fact that it was a labor march, for example:Among these were: All … Continue reading

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Michael Davitt

Born in 1846 in County Mayo, Michael Davitt was brought up in a poor immigrant community in Lancashire in England. Though working as a laborer from the age of 9, he managed to achieve a good education. After becoming a … Continue reading

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Henry George

Born in Philadelphia in 1839, Henry George moved to New York, and national and international prominence, in the middle of 1880 after over a decade in the newspaper industry in California as printer, journalist, and editor. An anti-monopolistic Democrat, he … Continue reading

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Robert Blissert

Robert Blissert, a Irish-born tailor and trade unionist, emigrated from England in the late 1860s having been blacklisted in Britain for his union activities. He was a prominent activist and orator in New York through the 1870s and 1880s in … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Within a few months of its establishment in early 1882, the Central Labor Union of New York and Vicinity (CLU), having acquired 50 federated organizations and 50,000 affiliated members, felt confident to take the step that would put it, and … Continue reading

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